Hello! I’m Karl, and I am writing ‘The Talents’.
If you haven’t read the sample yet, please do!

If you want to know a little about me, read the info below. (Though why you might to frankly is beyond me.)

I was born on the 14th of July, (Bastille Day in France,) 1974, in a town called Mufulira, (which I am aware sounds like an italian brothel) which is in Zambia. (Which is in Africa, just in case you don’t know.)
I lived in Africa (various countries) until I was about four, then we came to england, (back to england, in the case of my parents and older sister), and here we stayed, until I was about six and a half. Then we went back to Africa.
My, you're thinking. You moved around a lot as a kid. Yes I did, that's right. Stop interrupting. We lived in Zimbabwe until I was very nearly ten, then we came back to England. Again.

I trained as a Chef after leaving school, did it for a few months as a career, then chucked it in to work in a bookshop. Round about that time in my life, I made some lamentable fashion decisions that have never really got over, such as the unfortunate 'Bryan Adams' period pictured opposite. Oy!
Fortunately I'm married now to a woman with a much better sense of style, and she assists me with my clothing choices.

That woman was and indeed still is my lovely wife Andrea, and you can see many many many photos of at her website, LittlePinkFaery. (Which I built for her, btw)
But anyway, back to me. My first bookshop closed down, but I was lucky enough to get a job in the bookshop that took over the premises, and there I stayed for a very long time. (8 years? 9?)
Eventually, that bookshop closed too, and I went to work briefly in another bookshop that turned out to be more of a cafe, and so I fled to to the fuzzy warmth of a civil service job.
(Good pension, no dress code!)
Currently I live in Derbyshire with (in no particular order) six cats, (yes, I am mad)and a huge amount of clutter. For fun I read, write (obviously), watch films & the occasional bit of TV. I listen to dark/angry/depressing/pretty music, try (and regularly fail) to find the time to play RPG’s with my friends and talk almost endlessly. (So they tell me...) Other than ‘The Talents’ I’ve written some poems, short stories & a film script (as yet unfinished) with a friend of mine. You can also read my online diary
I'm aware my life history wasn't particularly deep, but tough. I'm not Dave Pelzer, or the Angela's Ashes guy. My parents are still together, for goodness sake!
If you want deep, jump in the swimming pool from the diving board.

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